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When you get an archive for something on a computer then it’s very easy to unpack the whole archive and get access to the contents of the archive, however, on an android phone the unpacking function is not built in on the android so you will have to download an app to do the complete deed for you. If you download zips or rar files then you need an archiver that can easily unzip or unrar the files that are inside the archive for you on your android smartphone. This is not very difficult because there are plenty of apps available on the Google Play Store that you can use to unpack different archive files on your android smartphone. We bring you one of the best and amazing android app the B1 Archiver for your android smartphones and android tablets that can easily unzip, unrar and also archive any other format on your android device. You don’t have to move these files to your laptop to unzip them because you can do it directly on your android smartphone with the help of B1 Archiver app for android. If you have a zip file or a rar file or maybe some other archive on your android smartphone or android tablet then you definitely need this amazing app to unpack all the content inside the archives. You won’t even have to touch your computer at all, it’s very simple and easy to use and even a complete newbie can do it in a matter of seconds. Best of all you can also use this amazing app to make your own archives by compressing the files and putting them into a zip or rar file.

Download and install B1 Archiver on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing B1 Archiver app on your Android smartphone from here and unpack all your archive files easily on your android phone.


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