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The keyboard that made the gesture-based typing on android smartphones famous and a reality for the first time was none other than the amazing Swype keyboard for android. This keyboard app changed the way you type on your android smartphone. This awesome android keyboard app lets you type anything with simply swiping your fingers across your android phone’s display without any problems. This awesome keyboard app has just been updated and the new update brings a plethora of new features and services to this already amazing keyboard app for android. The new addition to the Swype keyboard app is the material design themes available for the keyboard that make it much more better for using on devices running Android Lollipop OS with material design guidelines. There are 3 different material design themes that will suit different people of different tastes. There’s a light colored theme, a dark colored theme, and a new theme named bumblebee, for the Transformer fans out there. Also another good feature for android tablet users is the ability to detach their keyboard from the bottom of their screen and move it freely anywhere on the screen where they like. you can take it to the top or the right depending on what place suits your typing style. There are also new language packs added to the keyboard to make it easy for different country users for inputting their native language via this awesome keyboard app for the android smartphones. There are also new emojis added to the keyboard that also support 8 different languages on the keyboard.

Swype brings all new features and additions with the latest update to give you more out of your android keyboard and best of all, this app is completely free for download.

Download and install Swype on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazing Swype keyboard app on your android smartphone for free from here and start swiping your way to easier texts.


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