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Are you a big fan of basketball? Do you love shooting hoops all the time? Do you want to make your own dream team in the amazing and agile game of basketball? Well, if you are into the fantasy gaming league then you should look into downloading the NBA General Manager 2015 game on your android smartphone and become the general manager of a newbie basketball team in the pro leagues. Your job is to take this whole new team of newbie superstars of basketball to a completely new league of superstars. You have to make sure that you don’t make any major mistakes in this game because that will definitely cost you your spot in the big leagues. You have to make sure that you earn good money to spend on big stars for your team and take your team to the top of the league with your emerging new stars. You can even sell your superstars to earn some good cash and spend it on other places. You have to make sure that all your decisions are good for the team. You don’t only need a good team in this game but you also need a good strategy and a plan to take you to the top of the league and become the league champion. If you don’t meet your team goals then the management won’t be really happy with you and you might get sacked for being a poor manager so always make sure that you give your full effort and take your team to the glory.

NBA General Manager 2015 lets you get inside the shoes of a tough manager in the pro basketball league and make sure that your team is the number one team in the league. It’s not an easy job but it’s definitely worth it when you win the title of the league.

download and install NBA General Manager 2015 on your Android phone

You can download the NBA General Manager 2015 on your Android phone from here and start your career as a basketball team manager.


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