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Nowadays getting your accounts hacked and all your passwords and other personal details stolen is one the rise. Many top end sites have been hacked recently and all the sensitive information regarding their users has been stolen which leaves the users in doubts regarding trusting any site with their personal details. If you want to make sure that your details always stay safe and your passwords for different accounts always stay secure then instead of writing it on your phone’s notepad you should download a secure and safe android app that will easily secure all your passwords and keep them safe from all threats out there. Dashlane is one of the best password manager app out there in the Google Play store for your android smartphone. This amazing app keeps all your passwords for different services safe and secure with a very powerful encryption technology. No hacker can crack this encryption so all your passwords are in safe hands with the Dashlane app for android. It also lets you sync all your passwords with across all your devices running this amazing app. This way you never have to remember your password because Dashlane will always keep you updated with your latest passwords for different services. This app works well with different platforms so you’re safe and take all your passwords with you even if you are switching platforms during work.

Dashlane is the best password manager app and it also offers a free service that lets you save a lot of passwords in this cool app. You can also pay for the premium subscription which offers a lot of new and powerful features but for most people the free version should suffice.

Download and install Dashlane on your Android smartphone

You can download the amazingly secure and safe Dashlane app on your Android smartphone from here and manage all your passwords with this one app.


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