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Remember the ultimate martial arts superhero? If you don’t remember him then you need to watch more movies in your free time and get yourself acquainted with the mighty and powerful Bruce Lee, the greatest fighter on the silver screen ever. He was the best fighter and martial arts hero this world has ever seen and his style made the biggest villains tremble in fear like a child in dark. You might not have witnessed his awesomeness because of your young age but you can definitely relive his action days on your android smartphone with the all new and amazing Bruce Lee: Enter The Game on android. This is an amazing and action packed game for your android phone that will let you enjoy the real fighting action of the dragon himself. You don’t have to go around borrowing or downloading Bruce Lee’s movies when you can actually play as the dragon himself on your android phone and witness the sheer awesome fighting skills of this great warrior. You will be put in the shoes of the dragon and your job is to beat the crap out of all the bad guys who stand in your way. Use your ultimate martial arts skills to show all the bad guys who the real boss is in this town. You have to use your fighting skills to beat waves and waves of bad guys in this amazing 2D action game. Bruce Lee: Enter The Game puts you in the shoes of the greatest warrior of all time and you have to relive his glory days by smashing some skulls with his classic nunchuck skills.

Take your time and dish out amazing combos to earn extra points and make the dragon proud with your fighting skills. You are the real dragon in this amazing action packed game for android.

Download and install Bruce Lee: Enter The Game on Android

You can download the amazing Bruce Lee: Enter The Game on your android smartphone from here and pay tribute to the greatest warrior ever lived.


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