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Every time you want to capture the best moments of your life, you find yourself short of a video camera to record the best moments of your daily life. However, you can use your android phone to record all the amazing and awesome moments of your life and watch them later on your TV or on your computer or even your android device. You don’t have to buy an individual video camera to record the video moments when you can use your android phone to record everything easily on your phone. You need the VivaVideo Pro: Video Editor on your android phone to record and edit all the video files on your android device and turn them into amazing masterpieces of your life. You don’t need expensive video recording hardware or any video editing software on your computer when you can do almost everything on your android phone with this amazing android app.

VivaVideo Pro: Video Editor is a simple and straightforward app that doesn’t take much time to get used to. You won’t have any difficulty in using this easy app on your android device. You will be recording your videos and editing them in no time. You don’t need any experience in programming or any other editing software because this simple app is pretty self explanatory and you can learn to do amazing stuff with your videos on the go. You can add amazing effects and background music to your recorded videos and make them even more awesome than before. You can add awesome animation in your videos or add beautiful text to make your videos extra amazing. You can also make sure that no bad parts are in the video by cutting and deleting all the parts that you don’t like in the video. VivaVideo pro: Video Editor makes it a breeze to edit videos on your android phone.

Download and install VivaVideo Pro: Video Editor on your android phone

You can download the VivaVideo Pro: video Editor app on your android phone from here and start turning your homemade videos into masterpieces.


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