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Craving something amazing and delicious to eat? Your mouth keeps filling with water after looking at the latest advertisement for a local restaurant on your tv? Well, don’t just blindly believe the ads on tv instead you should download the Urbanspoon app on your android phone and find out for yourself if the restaurant is actually good enough or not. Don’t fall for false ads on TV or internet because most of the times these ads are just bogus and the actual food on the restaurant really sucks. So, instead of believing in the tv ads you can use the Urbanspoon app on your android phone and read what other people are saying about the local restaurant or bar or any other eatery in the vicinity. You don’t have to be the person who goes out and tests the food at different places all the time because this app will save you all the hassle and you can get the food from the highly reviewed places by reading the reviews and rating on this awesome android app. You are not a food critic but with this app you can become the best critic for restaurants ever. You can leave reviews and ratings for the places that you loved or the ones that you didn’t like a bit at all.

With Urbanspoon you can share your views about different places to eat with the whole wide world. This app features more than a million restaurants from around the world that you can rate and review depending on your experience. You can read other people’s reviews and ratings and decide whether you want to eat at a certain place or not. There are even professional food critics on the app that make the reviews even more authentic and genuine by providing professional unbiased opinions.

Download and install Urbanspoon on your android phone

You can download the Urbanspoon app on your android phone from here and enjoy the amazing food that your local restaurant has to offer without worries.

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