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You want to drop off your stereo at your brother’s house because he’s having a party but you can’t just drive out of town and go to his house when you are busy. Your best bet is to use a courier service but most couriers take at least a day to deliver the goods and your brother won’t like it if it’s late. So, your best bet is to ask someone who’s already heading down to the same town as your brother’s to take the stereo with them and deliver it. Well, if it seems a bit awkward standing at the highway asking passing by drivers to take your stuff then you should consider downloading and using the all new Roadie app on your android smartphone that will let you easily find drivers that will be happy to deliver your goods for a small fee. This app is looking forward to run all the regular travellers and commuters into a temporary courier guy which is perfect if you’re looking for someone to quickly deliver your goods to your specified destination without actually having to drive yourself.

You can set up a gig on the Roadie app and set the amount you want to pay for the goods to be delivered. You will also have to specify the size and dimensions of the item being delivered and the person who will receive the good. Once set up, different drivers will look at your offer and one might end up offering his services for your set price. This awesome app will also calculate the fees and transfer charges automatically for you. It also takes an extra $1 that’s for the insurance of lost or stolen or even damaged goods.

Download and install Roadie app on your Android smartphone

You can easily download the Roadie app on your android smartphone from here and start sending your goods to your loved ones without any hassle.

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