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There was a time when barcodes were all the amazing things. You just pointed your barcode scanner and found out extra details regarding the products but those days are long gone because the all new QR codes are here to replace the old barcodes. QR codes are a completely new way of cloaking your data that can only been seen when the QR code has been scanned with a scanner. However, you can’t just scan a QR code with your eyes and have it show all the hidden information instead you need a dedicated scanner to scan this small piece of code and show you all the hidden data inside it. Your Android smartphone will work as good as any other scanner out there. Your android smartphone’s camera can be used to easily scan the qr codes and decipher what’s hidden inside it. All you need in order to scan the code is a dedicated android app downloaded and installed on your Android phone. The best app to scan qr codes with your Android smartphone is the amazing new QR Code Reader app for your Android smartphone. This app will simply turn your android smartphone into a cool and easy to use qr code scanner that will be able to scan all types of qr codes out there in the market. You can just bring the camera of your android phone closer to the qr code to easily scan it and view the data inside it.

QR Code Reader will easily scan all the codes that include addresses, phone numbers and other links and will simply bring up an option on your android phone’s screen for further actions. You can save the number in your contacts, open the link in your browser, etc with these features.

Download and install QR Code Reader on your Android phone

You can easily download the QR Code Reader app on your Android smartphone for free from here and start scanning all the qr codes you find around you.


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