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If you are running out of space on your laptop or even your android device then you should look into the cloud storage. Not the actual rain clouds instead the virtual cloud where you can virtually save all your data and access it from almost anywhere you have internet access. If saving a lot of files in different devices seems like a hassle then cloud storage is the perfect solution for your problem and you can access all your files from any device that is connected to the internet. Microsoft’s OneDrive app for android performs the same functions as any other cloud storage app out there. You can save almost all files on this amazing app and upload it to the cloud then you can access all your saved files on the cloud from any device that has access to the OneDrive app.

All the files in your OneDrive app area completely safe and secure from any type of malicious activity. All the files are saved in your account protected by a password that’s chosen by you. You can make a file or folder publish and share it with people you like and keep everything else private to yourself. With the Android app of this amazing cloud storage you can also save your files on the go without having to worry about losing your data. You can sync all your photos, videos, music on your android phone to your OneDrive account and back it all up on the cloud. If you ever lose all your data you can easily back it up from the cloud without any trouble. You can also save your documents on the app and also view all types of documents within the app. You can also access the service from your web browser on your laptop or computer and download the uploaded files on your laptop. You can manage all your uploaded files and delete any unwanted data directly from the android app.

Download and install OneDrive app on your android phone

Download the OneDrive android app on your android device from here. This app is completely free and offers a large amount of space on the cloud for free.


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