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Are you paranoid of your privacy online? Do you always want to be secure and keep your details secure and safe? If that’s what you are looking for then you seriously should not give out your phone number either. Yes, that’s a private detail as well and leaking your phone number can land you in the bitter world of telephone spam and scam. Giving out your phone number to strangers is a definitely no go but also putting your phone number on websites online should be restricted. You don’t know what these websites will end up doing with your personal information. most of shady websites sell your personal information for a price to spamming companies who send you unwanted spam offers for buying their stuff. Always make sure that the website you put your phone number is reputable and secure like Google, Microsoft, etc otherwise you risk getting your phone number leaked to email lists. Also make sure that when you make calls to someone you don’t know that you change your number. Yes, it’s possible to generate a fake number and mask your original number by downloading the Mask My Number app on your Android phone. This app will make sure that your phone number is secure and never shown to strangers when you make calls to them.

Mask My Number is the perfect app for all android phone owners because it will mask your original number when you make calls and show the receiver another number that’s totally fake. You can also change your voice tone to male or female with this cool app if you are really feeling paranoid about leaking your identity. Don’t go about pranking everyone with this app because that’s not cool at all.

Download and install Mask My Number on your Android phone

You can download the Mask My Number on your android device from here and completely change your phone number so it never leaks to wrong people.


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