Lyft – Download on Android to Split Cab Fares


If you normally ride in group with your friends or colleagues then you know how awkward it is to ask for favors and cash when you don’t have spare change for the cab fare. Well, not anymore because the all new Lyft app on Android is here to help you easily split your cab fares and save your dignity. You don’t have to be cheap anymore and you never have to pay other people’s fare either all you have to do is get the Lyft app on your android phone and start easily splitting the fare among your friends or colleagues. This amazing app will elegantly let up to 5 people split a fare and pay for the ride with their own money, so no one has to pay for somebody else’s ride.

If you want to share your ride with strangers then that is also possible with this awesome app. You can watch people who are also going to visit the same area you want to go and you can request a ride share. You will split the payments with the strangers and each of you will be happy at the end of the day. You can watch which drivers have the highest rating and only drivers with highest ratings are allowed on the road. All the drivers have gone through a rigorous background and DMV checks, and all of them know how to drive carefully. However, if you are in anyway not satisfied with the ride or the driver then you can leave your feedback and everyone will know which driver to avoid next time they are using Lyft. The new update brings the amazing option of splitting payments among all the passengers and doing so is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to Ride options menu and choose Split Payment and choose the people who are riding with you. The process is fairly simple and elegant.

download and install Lyft on your Android phone

You can download the Lyft app on your Android phone from here. Once downloaded you can start sharing cab rides and split payments with everyone.


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