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Do you want to browse the web securely and safely without getting tracked? Do you want your browser to never save any stuff you browse or save any history? If you have been answering yes to all these questions then we have the best android app for you that will make you completely anonymous on the world wide web. You don’t have to delete all your browsing history every time you use your internet browser. You don’t have to use the private browsing mode on your browser every time you surf the internet instead you can use the all new Krypton Anonymous Browser on your android phone and start browsing the web completely anonymously. Anything you do online or surf online will never be tracked and you don’t have to manually delete the browsing history after your internet session at all because this amazing browser doesn’t track any data ever.

Krypton Anonymous Browser is an amazing android app that will let you browse the world wide web without having to worry about anyone tracking your data. All your data is secured so your information never gets leaked and you surf the web completely anonymously. This browser automatically changes your IP so no one can ever identify you online or track your data. No one will be able to identify your location either so there will be no tracking whatsoever. No data is ever stored on the browser. As soon as you close the browser all the data goes out of your phone and disappears into thin air. None of your passwords, sites, cookies are ever stored on your android and this amazing browser deletes everything as soon as you close it. Stop worrying about online security when you can use this amazing browser on your android phone for free.

Download and install Krypton Anonymous Browser on your android phone

You can download and install the Krypton Anonymous Browser on your android phone from here. Once installed you can enjoy complete online anonymity.


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