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If you have always wanted to break some rules and go criminal while on the go then don’t worry because the all new GTA: Chinatown Wars game for your android phone will help you take out all your anger on oncoming cars and pedestrians. You don’t have to play by the rules in the game of GTA because you are the most notorious criminal in the world and you can do whatever you please as long as you know how to beat the police in the game of chase. You can steal cars, rob banks, kill people without any reason (not that we recommend it), or do whatever you please be it legal or illegal. Don’t worry about losing your dignity because in this game you earn respect by pulling off the most insane criminal jobs and become the favorite criminal of the mob. You can create your gang and do jobs as you please.

You are a lonely soul in the GTA: Chinatown Wars game and left in the most dangerous corner of the world. You have to find the killer who murdered your family and you have to take your revenge. This is not as easy as it sounds because you have first to become the killer yourself and then find the person who did this to you and make him pay for what he did. You have to start from the bottom and make your way up to the top of the criminal gangs. You have to become the most powerful criminal in the Chinatown area and lead your own gang. The more powerful you become the more gangs will start respecting you. If you don’t deliver the sword to your Uncle then your family will not be able to retain control of the powerful triad gangs. Become a skilled criminal to control the most notorious gang of chinatown in this amazing game.

Download and install GTA: Chinatown Wars on your Android phone

You can download the amazing GTA: Chinatown Wars on your android phone from here and start your dangerous journey in the world of organized crime.


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