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Are you going to host a party at your house or your office? Do you want to make it the most amazing party ever? Are you interested in going a step further and including a DJ in your awesome party? Well don’t worry because you don’t need an actual Dj for your party because you can become the awesome DJ yourself by downloading and using the djay 2 app on your android phone. This is an all new and improved dj app that will transform your android phone form a stupid and dull device to a colorful and musical dj system that will rock every party without any troubles. djay 2 will give you access to all the amazing and great features that are present in a full fledged dj system. You can start dj’ing and play amazing music to add a whole new level to all your parties.

djay 2 is an all new and improved DJ app for your android phone that comes packed with all the features of a full fledged DJ system to add a new life to your party. You can perform live for your audience or mix your tunes on the go and create amazing music to add to your party. You can use the music you already have downloaded on your android phone or you can choose to use your Spotify playlists. This amazing app has seamless integration with Spotify so it just takes a few taps and swipes to connect it with your spotify account and start rocking the dance floor. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are a professional DJ you will love all the ease this app brings to the palm of your hand and a beginner DJ will leave the simple and straightforward usage of this easy to use app making it easy for newbies to mix amazing music.

Download and install djay 2 on your android phone

You can download the djay 2 app on your android phone form here and start mixing amazing tunes and take your party to a whole new level.


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