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Do you love downloading a lot of files on your android smartphone? Do you like keeping them all stored on your android device but really hate it when you can’t easily organize all these files and folders? Do you want to manage all your files on android easily and organize them in cool folders? Well don’t worry about it and don’t look any further because we bring you the all new and improved Arc File Manager app for your Android smartphone which will make it very smooth and easy to manage all your files and folders on your android smartphone or tablet. You don’t have to deal with clusters of files and folders unorganized on your android device because this simple and easy to use android app will let you manage and organize all your files and folders on android easily with just a few taps on your android phone’s screen. No more browsing through a large heap of files and folders that you have no idea about, you can easily organize all the files neatly in folders and name them according to their use so you can easily identify all the important files that you want to use later on. It’s not just a simple file manager for your android devices instead this amazing app can also double as a powerful compressing and decompressing app on your android phone. You can compress or decompress popular archive formats such as zip, 7zip, rar, etc with this awesome android app without any problem. You can also create and extract password protected archive files easily with it.

Arc File Manager is a great utility for your android smartphone and you will love it once you give it a try. It provides many great functions that you have always wanted on your android smartphone.

Download and install Arc File Manager on your Android Phone

Download the Arc File Manager for free on your Android smartphone from here and easily manage all the files on your Android phone.


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