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Zombie Smasher in the Android gaming world is one of the most interesting and entertaining games available on the PlayStore. The undead incautious creatures called ‘Zombies’ are back and the players have to become the super heroes and prevent the zombies from entering your town and it requires you to keep the zombies dead or brainless to succeed. The game highlights on killing the zombies and defending your home as the zombies have started to pile up and attack your town. Just by tapping your finger points on the zombies, you can smash and kill them. You have to do this before they break your residence door. This is a very interesting game and keeps you at the edge of your seat while making your brain very active when playing.

Zombie Smasher 1


  • This Android game was developed by Italy Games on November 19th 2013.
  • This arcade gaming app rises above the other arcade games for its super natural graphics and animation features.
  • This game runs on story mode, survival mode, and time-mode too.
  • There are 60 levels to complete the game and win as a player in these challenging modes.
  • Updates on increasing the current levels of challenge are also in progress by the developers of this game.
  • Totally furious and terrific zombie breeds like normal, dog, oil worker, ghost, baby and fat boss are available in the game which keeps the players hooked up.
  • The animations and visuals are fantastic so as to compete with ease and immense audio and music is also present for a realistic gaming experience.

How to use Zombie Smasher

  1. Touch the zombies that appear on your screen with your finger points and smash them
  2. Your neighbors will walk through the lane and kids will be playing around too. It is important to know that you should not touch them and disturb their work. Your target is the zombies alone.
  3. There are special power-ups that can be used when needed and this needs some wisdom on the player’s end.


This addictive arcade game doesn’t have a lot of cons to list down, but some say, ‘time rush master’ in time mode doesn’t work with user-interface and has some bugs to be resolved. However, there are more than 5 million user downloads of this game and the count is increasing day by day.

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