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If you want something different from other games where you need to build a community or a city, this game will make sure that you feel something different. Game Insight presents you Transport Empire, an economic strategy game. You can now enjoy building your own industrial community which you need to focus in the economy of your area.


There are lots of games where the goal is to build a successful city or community. There are some where you need to battle for you to earn coins or manna such as Castle Clash, Clash of Clans, and Kingdom Empire. If you want something different from those games, Transport Empire will give you another time travel experience to industrial age of Victorian Era.


Transport Empire is an economic strategy game. Unlike other strategy games, you will see steamboats, old trains, and airships. In this game, you need to focus about the economy of your community instead of battling and looting. Also, another thing that is unique here is you need raw materials to build an establishment, unlike other games that once you have enough coins, you can now build your own establishment instantly by buying it in the shop section of the game. Your main goal in Transport Empire is to manage your transport companies very well and keep all things in balance.


  • The overall graphics is good and detailed. The map is organized.
  • It supports low Android and iOS version. For Android, version 2.3 and up are acceptable and in iOS, the acceptable versions are 5.1 and up.
  • You can download this game and install for free.


  • Transport Empire is definitely a large file. You need 215 MB of space to download it successfully in Android
  • Upgrading establishments and anything here is time consuming. It takes a lot of time before the upgrading process complete
  • You need to have internet connection to be able to run and play this game
  • It is not compatible for the devices with low RAM storage. Either you cannot download and install it, or the game sometimes freeze and the game plays very slow


For those who want to build their own community, this game will help you to be organized. It will test your skills in managing your village. You will discover more here in Transport Empire if you keep on playing it.

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