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Don’t want to shout “OK, Google” every time you want to search your Android phone for something? In that case you can use the all new shake for search feature with the new Torque Voice Search app for Android. Torque Voice Search has been released by Microsoft for Android devices and it lets you initiate a voice search with just a shake of your Android device. However, the search engine used for initiating the voice search is Microsoft’s own “Bing” search engine which is not as popular as Google.

Microsoft previously released the Torque Voice Search app for all Android smartwatches where you only had to flick your wrist to initiate the voice search. Now, Microsoft has decided to give all the Android users a taste of how their search engine works by releasing the Torque Voice Search app for all Android devices. Torque Voice Search is only supported on Android version 4.3 or higher, if you have an Android device running any older version of the OS then unfortunately it won’t work.

Download Torque Voice Search

The Torque Voice Search app is available for free on the Google Play store. Go ahead, download it and start shaking your Android device to search for your favorite sports team, weather updates, etc. Torque Voice Search allows you to search for anything without interrupting your current activity. You don’t have to close your current app or browser window to initiate a voice search with Torque Voice Search. The same app will work on your Android smartwatch. The following Android wear devices are supported by Torque Voice Search.

  • Asus ZenWatch
  • LG G watch
  • Samsung Gear Live
  • Moto 360 and Sony 3 are supported but may not function smoothly

Do give this cool app a try and share your feedback regarding the Torque Voice Search app with us. We’re always eager to read what our readers have to say about different apps and games. Share your comment, criticism, or just say “Hello” in the comment section below.


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