Top 5 VPN apps for your Android Device


If you want to surf the web securely or access the websites that are blocked by your ISP or country then you should download a VPN app on your Android device. VPN app makes sure that all your personal details are anonymous and you can not be identified online. It completely changes your online details including your IP address, so you can surf the web anonymously without worries. There are hundreds of VPN apps available for Android but we bring you the Top 5 VPN apps available for your Android device.

Below is a list of all the best VPN apps for your Android device.



TunnelBear is an amazing VPN that connects you to the web anonymously. It doesn’t log your activity so you are completely protected. Tunnelbear offers free data every month and if you exhaust that limit easily then you can also subscribe to a better paid plan available on the app.




Hotspot Shield VPN is a very trusted name in the field of privacy. This is used on desktop computers and handhelds as well. It offers a great free service on your Android device but that comes with ads, you can opt-out of ads if you pay a small fee for the Hotspot Shield VPN.




Hideman VPN is an amazing service available on your Android phone. You can actually track the amount of hours you have left to use on Hideman. You can either buy extra hours or complete free offers to get extra hours on your Android mobile.




This is an amazing VPN app available on almost all platforms. It is entirely free and offers the best service for your Android device. It connects easily to the best close servers and provides you the fastest speeds from servers all around the world.




This is another awesome VPN services available for all Android users. F-Secure also offers free promotion codes that give you free premium subscriptions. They are also offering 3 month trial for new users, so you can check the service before you buy extra months.


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