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The world’s most amazing music identification service Shazam has received another amazing update on the Android platform. The new update is now available on Google Play store and this cool new update brings a lot of new features to the music identifications service. Now you can do a lot more than identify just a track with the Shazam app. You can even stream the song on the Shazam app without having to leave the app at all. The new update fixes a couple of bugs and glitches and adds minor improvements to the app as well.

The new Shazam update adds a deeper integration with other music streaming services like Spotify and Rdio. now you can identify the music and stream it on the Shazam app with either one of the music services. You can even create playlists and add them to Spotify via Shazam. You can even play the complete playlists when connected to either Spotify or Rdio android app. You can even add the song you like to your My Shazam section by just swiping right on the screen. You can also watch what your friends are listening to if you connect your Facebook account with Shazam. You can even watch your friend’s favorite artists and songs.

You can also access Shazam’s charts quickly to see what is actually trending on the service and what other people are listening to mostly. You can create your playlists quickly by choosing songs from another user’s shared playlists. these playlists work well with services like Spotify.

Download Shazam for Android via Google Play Store

Download the Shazam app for Android via Google Play store for free. Once downloaded on your Android device you can enjoy unlimited music when connected to the above mentioned music services. You can identify unlimited amount of tracks with the cool Shazam app.

Leave us a comment below and let us know what you think about the Shazam app’s new update.


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