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All those action movie lovers out there must have seen the amazing movie Real Steel that was all about robot boxing from the future. The movie was so amazing and realistic that it just seemed true and even after watching it so many times, we always wanted to get more of it but sadly that was impossible till now. Real Steel World Robot Boxing is the latest sensation in the Android games. It’s the best of the best fighting games.

Real Steel World Robot Boxing is all about fighting against other robots in a ring and defeating them while growing stronger and stronger. As you defeat one opponent after another, you will get a chance to fight with the strongest robots and become the unmatched champion of the world.

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  • The game is based on the world famous movie Real Steel and it’s developed and published by Reliance Big Entertainment (UK) Private Limited, who have been working really hard to keep he game up to date and add more and more new features with the passage of time.
  • The initial download size of the game is around 49MB and once it’s installed, it downloads more game data for the game periodically.
  • It’s a bit heavy game and requires some good hardware specs which can support its advanced graphics and animations.
  • The game is free to download and play, while you have the option to spend some real money on many new upgrades and robots which are really awesome.

How to use Real Steel World Robot Boxing

  1. The game, once downloaded and installed, will launch quite quickly, but before doing anything else it needs some downloading that can take quite some time. The game has some simple menus that are navigated easily and you are all set to fight. You also have the option to connect with Facebook and compete against your friends.
  2. The game starts with a tutorial, which is quite informative and teaches you all quite quickly.
  3. The game is controlled with some basic buttons that are quite easy to use. The 4 directional buttons are used to move through the arena and perform special moves and combos when combined with the attack buttons.
  4. The robots are divided into different tiers and matches in championships. Each championship has its own robots that you need to beat while you also have to use your own specific robots of required tier.
  5. The matches are fought with power core and each match consumes one core so better use them with care, because they take time to refill.


The Real Steel World Robot Boxing is an ultimate game that might look easy to play but it’s fairly tough. You will enjoy the experience of having your own robot and taking him down to the arena for action-filled battles. You will enjoy some real-time punching and kicking in the game.

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