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Real Racing 3, as the name suggests, is one of the most realistic racing games that you would come across on a smartphone. It has all the thrills of real racing packed in it, so that you could enjoy it all without putting your life at risk on the roads. It has amazing graphics that immerse you into the game so that you experience all the real world thrills from screeching of tires, roaring of engines, and crashing of your opponents’ cars. It brings all the fun of previous installments to a whole new level.


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  • It was initially released on PlayStore by Electronic Arts on 28th February 2013.
  • It has been updated many times and user experience has improved a lot. The last update for the game was on 4th November 2014.
  • The current version on the game is 2.7.0
  • It requires minimum of Android 4.0 to run.
  • It requires at least 1GB of RAM to run.
  • Its download size is approximately 41 MB.
  • The game needs 1.5 GB of free space to save all of its high quality visual data.
  • The game is free to download and play.

How to use Real Racing 3

  1. Once you run the game for the first time, you will have no car to use. The first task in the game is to buy a car and the only option available at the start is the Nisan Silvia S15. Once you have your car, you are ready to compete in a series.
  2. The racing in the game is divided into series for which you have to use specific cars. In each series, there are different tiers at which the user has to race one by one and then clear the series to move on to the next series. The cars in the game could be highly cuztomised from their looks to their performance.
  3. The game can be controlled by either tilt or an on-screen steering, and the player can modify the controls like braking and acceleration.
  4. The multiplayer option could be used to compete against real opponents online from anywhere around the world. It’s a great way to challenge one’s own skills.


The Real Racing 3 is without doubt one of the best racing games that was ever available on the PlayStore for free. The gaming experience is awesome and extremely realistic. The wait for unlocks and upgrades can be time-consuming, but apart from that, it’s the best free game to enjoy if you have a fast enough phone.

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