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If you have a little child or children then do them a favor and install the Read Me Stories android app on your Android phone or tablet. This amazing android app will easily and amazingly teach your little kids how to read effectively and will make them amazing readers in this young age. This awesome app will teach your kids how to read within just 2 weeks. You will see how your young ones enjoy reading at their own pace and start becoming a better reader in just no time at all. This app will teach them everything there is in the world of reading. Basic alphabets, pronunciations, etc everything has been included in this amazing app to make your kids exceptional readers at this very young age.

The app is tailored for little kids and each kid can start learning at their own pace. The training will start at their current reading level and the difficulty will rise gradually and slowly improving your kids overall reading style. The Read Me Stories app will enhance your young kids’ vocabulary and add more than a 1000 new words to their vocabulary. There are more than 140 children stories for your kids to enjoy every day and you can even read together with your children to teach them even further. You can also track your kid’s progress and see how they are doing in the Read Me Stories android app. This app will also help your kids in primary school at becoming better readers overall and passing their reading tests with flying colors. It also works great for even younger children in preschool or kindergarten who are just starting their reading life. The app contains a simple assessment test to start your kid at their preferred reading level.

Download and install Read Me Stories on your Android

You can download the Read Me Stories on your Android phone from here. You can help your little ones enjoy their reading time and become a better reader while having fun with this app.


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