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Who on earth doesn’t like billiards? Everyone who knows about billiards loves it. This billiards craze has been also spread to the Android world. On PlayStore, Pool Billiards Pro is one of the most downloaded apps because it’s really the best one out there. It has one of the widest range of options available for customization ranging from customized tables to cues. The game offers an interactive single player and multiplayer gameplay. The multiplayer gameplay is against an online opponent that could be anywhere around the globe, while the single player is against the computer and it has around 180+ levels.




  • Developed and released on PlayStore by TerranDroid.
  • It has been updated many times since release and user experience plus performance has highly improved since, but still there are many problems with the game that are being solved with time.
  • The last update was released on PlayStore 20th November 2013.
  • The current version on the game is 2.49
  • It requires minimum Android 1.5 to run
  • It can run on 512MB of RAM smoothly.
  • Its installed size is approximately 3.4MB that’s really small.

Game Experience

  • The game is pretty simply designed. The menus are quite simple and there are no extra options there that could get you confused. Just open and you are ready to pot some balls in no time.
  • The game runs quite smoothly – no glitches or lagging. It just flows like water with all those light graphics.
  • The game has really great graphical effects. The rolling of the balls, movement of the cue of the table, and all the designs all are really good even though not so heavy.
  • There are 160+ levels that challenge your skills and control over the cue.
  • Each level is a new challenge and it’s not easy to clear all the levels for everyone.
  • The multiplayer mode is even more challenging because in it, you are against real opponents that think same as you and offer a great challenge.
  • You could either play multiplayer game with your friends or random players but in both cases, it’s fun and addictive.


Pool Billiards Pro is a great game and everyone is surely going to love it. It can be played by anyone no matter what Android handset they own. From cheap old phones to the latest flagship phones, everyone can enjoy the game. They lack a little bit of attraction to immerse the player fully into the game. Even then Pool Billiards Pro is a great way to kill time with friends, some random player, or your own mobile. If still you are in doubt, then keep in mind that the game has been downloaded more than 100 million times.

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