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Finally, there is a treat for all those lovers of puzzle type games that are tricky to solve and a great way to kill your free time. Paperama is one of its kind origami puzzle game in which your puzzle solving skills are challenged. You put all of your mind’s capabilities on use while playing the game. It’s a really great way to enhance your brain’s potential. Paperama will be amazing to play no matter what age you are. Just keep folding papers to make the desired folded shape ranging from a plain square to a swan.

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  • The Game was developed by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG
  • It has been updated many times since release and each update has added stability and many more levels. The latest update for the game was on 21st of August 2014.
  • The current version on the game is 1.3.6
  • It requires minimum of Android 2.3.3 to run.
  • It requires at least 512MB of RAM to run. A 1Ghz processor is also required for the game to run smoothly.
  • Its download size is approximately 29MB
  • The game is free to download and play while it offers many in-game purchase.

How to use Paperama

  1. Paperama is a really easy game and all of its fun lies in that simplicity. Once you are in the game, you just navigate through one or two menus to get yourself folding some papers.
  2. In the game, you will get a sheet of paper on which there will be some kind of outlined shape of white color. Your task will be to fold the paper into that shape. You will have to tap and then move the paper to fold in. User can grab the paper from corners and sides and then just move the finger and the fold is done.
  3. The hard part of the game is to choose the type of fold that needs to be done and this makes the game really complex. The given shape is to be made in a limited number of moves or else, start over again with a new folding plan.
  4. Some levels, for sure, will get you to think and still get no solution. Paperama has a great hint option built into it that helps you out when you are stuck.


If you like puzzle games and have a lot of time to kill, then Paperama is a great choice for you. It’s simple playing method and a great number of levels help you to have fun for a long time that one can even spend a whole day on it.

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