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When you want to keep all your photos safe and secure on your Android but end up losing everything because of a mobile malfunction or worst yet, it gets stolen or snatched.That’s something everything should think about and that’s why you should always keep a backup of your photos on your PC or better yet, on the cloud. With the MyShoeBox android app you can securely upload all your photos on the cloud and keep them safe forever. You can access these photos directly from your Android phone whenever you want and download them to any device you want. MyShoeBox lets you easily backup all your photos to a secure and safe cloud hosting and you can always download these photos on any device where you have access to the internet.

With the MyShoeBox app you don’t have to worry about getting your Android stolen or losing all your data because your photos will always be safe and secure on the cloud which can be downloaded on any device connected to the internet. With this app your photos can also be streamed onto your TV with the Chromecast device but you will have to buy that device separately. Chromecast support is an amazing feature nowadays because it lets you stream all content from your Android phone or tablet to your TV connected to the Chromecast device. The cloud storage is 100% private and secured, you will get to set your personal password that will be used to authenticate you every time which means nobody else can access your MyShoeBox account without the password, so all your photos are completely safe on the cloud.

Download and install the MyShoeBox app for your Android phone

You can download the MyShowBox app directly from here. Once downloaded you can start stashing your photos on the cloud to keep them safe and away from any harm.


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