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If your android phone doesn’t already have an individual app for the built-in LED flashlight than you don’t have to worry about it because we have got the perfect app for your android phone. The LED Flashlight app for your Android phone will let you switch your phone’s LED light on and off with just a single swipe. You don’t have to turn the camera on every time you want to use the flashlight on your android phone instead you can use this amazing app and turn on the flashlight for as long as you like without having to open the camera app at all.

Many android phones come with a bright LED light built into their cameras but not all of them have an easy toggle switch to turn the light on or off. If your Android phone also lacks a simple button to turn the flashlight on and off then you should download the LED Flashlight app on your Android phone which lets you easily toggle the flashlight on or off on your android phone. You don’t need anything else on your android phone all you need is a simple android phone with a flashlight and this amazing app installed on your android. There are even other modes on this app to use the flashlight depending on your needs. The S.O.S signals is the same as official S.O.S signals known commonly worldwide. The app also supports blinking mode where you can set the amount of times the light blinks per second and you can also set the time interval between each blink. This is useful if you want to use the flashlight for other purposes which come in handy when you are trekking or camping outdoors.

Download and install the LED Flashlight app on your Android phone

You can download the awesome LED Flashlight app on your Android phone from here. You can easily toggle the flashlight switch on or off with just a single tap on your Android’s screen.


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