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JellyKing: Rule The World could be summarized very easily from its simple name that’s says it all. This game’s about a small and cute jelly that you have to control and guide with your swipes through the harsh world its trapped in and make it get to the top so that it can really rule its sweet little world. JellyKing: Rule The World is quite simple and anyone can easily play it – from little 2-year old kids to their grandparents, everyone will be enjoying the game a lot. The jelly makes anyone fall in love with itself so much that you will just keep playing.

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  • The game was developed and released by SMARTSTUDY GAMES – they update the game frequently adding more and more levels on regular basis. The current version of the game is 2.40
  • It requires minimum Android 2.3 to run and approximately every device around you will surely support this game quite well.
  • Its download size is nearly 17 MB.
  • The game is free to download and play while there is quite large in-game purchasing options available.

JellyKing: Rule The World Experience

  • The game has quite a funky type of childish look to it and it’s really heart melting for many. The game’s quite simple and easy to get around, one can easily learn the game in quite a few seconds. All you have to do is touch the jelly and then move it with the touch along the screen.
  • While doing so, you will need to avoid many objects that are scattered along the path. The most common obstacles are spikey bushes that will kill the jelly. You will have to make your way across them and collect all the coins around the screen.
  • There are many power ups at different levels that could be taken; they include bouncing flowers, life potions, and many more. The in-game coins could be used to get different upgrades for the jelly.
  • You will also come across many monsters that move all over the screen like the jelly does and avoiding them is a bit hard but not impossible.


JellyKing: Rule The World is a really sweet and amazing game and anyone will love playing it. It has so many levels that you will be hooked for a long time to your mobile with this game running. No matter what your age is, you will feel the need to help the little jelly to get to its destination safe and sound.

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