Google Play Books 3.3 – Download and Install for Free


If you are a big fan of reading ebooks on your Android phone then you will love the new and updated version of Google Play Books version 3.3. This new update brings a few extra features to the Play Books app that will make your reading times even more easier than before. You will be able to read without having to keep a dictionary with you all the times. The new update is not as significant as the previous material design update but the few extra features are well worth an update to the app. This is definitely a must update for all reading fans out there.

The new Google Play Books update brings in a lot of new features. You can now download an offline dictionary for your books, so when you don’t have access to a reliable internet connection, you can still look up words in the offline dictionary. You have to just highlight the word and you will be able to research its meaning easily. Another update is the newly designed slide out menu, quite similar to the one found in all other Google apps including Gmail. This looks amazing in the Google Play Books app. There are no swipe gestures to change user accounts that are present in the Gmail app but you will have to use the drop-down menu to change any user. The background images and avatars are fetched from Google+ from your profile. There are a few minor bug fixes and improvements to the Google Play Books app in the new update that make the overall experience much smoother and better for users.

Download the install the Google Play Books APK for free

Google is pushing out the update to Google Play Books via Google Play store but it is possible that you won’t receive the update just yet. So, if you really want the updated version of the Google Play Books app then download the APK file from here. You can install it directly on your Android phone by enabling “unknown sources” in your Android’s settings tab.

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