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The Android world has lacked a proper Horror game for the past few years. There wasn’t even a single game that one could call has some real horror in it. Now, Five Night At Freddy’s is here to fill that vast gap and it seems that it will fill the gap quite well for a long time.

The smartphone version of the game is based on the original game that was made for PC. The game takes you to Freddy’s restaurant which is run my mechanical robots who during day are waiters but at night turn into fully automated beasts that will surely make you scream out loud in horror.

Five Nights At Freddy’s 1


  • The game was developed and published by Scott Cawthon.
  • The game has been receiving frequent updates because it needs to keep the horror alive in it.
  • The game download size is around 50MB of data for installation. It will need a minimum of 512MB of RAM to run and is supported for most of the newer devices.
  • The game costs around $3 to purchase before you can download it. After that, you have the option for in-game purchases that could range up to $5.

How to use Five Nights At Freddy’s

  1. The game is about you doing a job as a night shift guard at Freddy Fazbear’s PizzaShop. Your job is to watch the feed from different cameras and save yourself from those beasts that are coming towards you. You will be stuck in the office while all the monsters roam around it; your only weapon are the two doors that you will have to close at the right time so that the beasts don’t get into your office and grab you.
  2. Everything in the game costs some power, which is supplied by batteries that will drain out as you perform different tasks. Closing the doors uses power and keeping them shut keeps draining power. To avoid that, you will have to monitor the beasts and shut the doors only when they are near you.
  3. There are 5 total creatures and you will have to keep track of them all to be safe. They won’t move while you are looking at them, so as soon as you switch camera from them, they will move.
  4. You have to do that for 5 nights and if you succeed in doing so, you will get a bonus 6th night.


The game is an ultimate horror and people with lighter hearts should be a bit careful about the game because it will surely blow you up in fear. The animations and all those sound effects are great, they make the game some real terrifying edge. If you wish to enjoy some real horror, then $3 is nothing to pay for.

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