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If you are a regular driver than you need something smart on your dashboard. Not a full-fledged computer but you can definitely use a bit of your Android on your car. You can use the awesome Dash app for Android phones on your car and use this amazing app to connect your car to your Android device. You don’t have to drive around in your dumb car when you can make it a smart car like a Transformer robot. Not exactly like an autobot but it will be close to a robot. You can do a lot of things on your car when it’s connected to your android phone via the Dash android app. You can connect your car to your Android phone and make it even more smart then it was before. You can do a lot of things that were not possible before connecting it to your android device.

Dash for android is an amazing app that will turn your car from a vehicle to a much more smart car that can do a lot of things that a regular car can not do. By connecting your car to the Dash app and then to your Android device you can enhance your car’s performance and even save a lot on fuel by making it more fuel efficient. Dash does not work out of the box with your car instead you will have to buy an individual device that is really cheap. When you connect the device to the port below the steering wheel on your car you can connect your car to the Android phone through the Dash app. This app will let you monitor your car completely and you will not need a mechanic anymore. You can also monitor minor problems in your car and fix them yourself with the help of the Dash android app. Your car connects to your Android phone via bluetooth technology and the connection stay active as long as your phone is in range.

Download and install Dash on your Android phone

You can download the Dash app on your android phone from here. This will help you turn your dumb car into an amazing and smart vehicle.


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