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Dark Guardians is a great mythical action adventure game that has a really great story. It mixes the fun of running game with some great action and to spice up the experience, it has some great graphics coupled with steamy music.


You have to run in this game but the difference here lies that instead of just jumping and sliding like all other running games, players will get the treat of attacking enemies.You have to RUN-KILL-RUN-KILL-RUN UNTIL YOU KILL THEM ALL.



  • Developed by the graphic designer LUMI
  • Initially released on PlayStore by SudioBaikin on 3rd July 2014.
  • It has been few times and user experience has improved a bit.
  • The current version on the game is 1.1
  • It requires minimum Android 2.3 to run.
  • It requires around 1GB of RAM to run smoothly.
  • A dual-core processor is also a must, because single cores will surely put the game into lag.
  • Its installed size is approximately 45 MB.
  • The price for the game is $0.99

How to Use Dark Guardians

  1. The game environment is quite great and above all, it’s simple and everything is easy see and tap on. The game starts with our player who is a rugged runner who has a weapon.
  2. As the runner runs mythical creatures such as wolves, lions, ghosts, etc. come in the way and you tap the screen so the runner can use his weapon to kill the creature. The creatures are designed really great and their looks ask you to go and kill them all.
  3. The runner could be upgraded with the in-game currency that one earns from running and killing enemies. The in-game credits could be used to buy goodies for the runner, upgrades, and power ups that range from head starts to extra damage.
  4. There is a special Dark Horse that can be summoned for the user to ride and move faster covering more distance. The game, to some extent, lacks a conclusive storyline and a proper end.


Dark Guardians is a great game which combines the thrill of running and fighting games. It has some great really great graphics and combined with some exceptional music by Valentin Lafort. This game isn’t for the people with low-end devices because they can’t handle the graphics. Still, for some people, the price tag of $0.99 is a bit too high – so we offer you an APK file where you can download the game for free.

Download from PlayStore

Download as APK

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