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If you love to snatch other people’s loot, the game Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest is for you. All you have to do is to conquer the sky along with your friends. The most thrilling matter of the game is that all that happens in the game is above in the heavens. So, get ready to have an awesome experience of fighting while flying.

Another exciting thing is that you can turn your small floating village into a well-defended stronghold by feeding a handful of diamonds. And this stronghold helps you defeat other pirates as well as villages. On the other hand, you need guns and arrows to defend your island. Above all, Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest is one of the newest action strategy games that will surely make you thrilled with all of its features.

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How to use Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest

  1. Before starting the game, you have to remember that all you have to do is to dominate the floating islands. At the beginning of the game, you will get the building made in your territory. Spend time to know your building well. Know how your buildings help you get different resources. In a word, you have to formalize yourself with the building you got at the beginning of the game.
  2. Improve your entire sovereignty by prioritizing your storage. Like other real time strategy game, you have to increase the number of troops available to deploy.
  3. Unlock and deploy your troops in battle. Get familiar with your troops so you can create your strategy.
  4. Before deploying troops to attack, analyze your move. Placement of any force really matters so be strategic.
  5. Be careful about using shields. Defeat the pirates using all that you have.

Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest Experience

  • Among thousands of strategies- remember the best one: Snatch others’ goods!
  • Fight for global dominance
  • Explore through various floating objects and have the thrill of an epic campaign
  • Upgrade your spells, heroes and warriors to unlock their full potential
  • Use cannons, fortifications and cunning traps to protect your base
  • To have more thrill, you can place your army against legendary bosses and pirate overlords


To raise a storm in the sky is very exciting. You can surely have a taste of doing this in Cloud Raiders: Sky Conquest. Among thousands of thrilling features, you can have the strongest force in the air and blast your enemies right there and have dominance over all they had. So, be steady and make the sky tremble!

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