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The CBS Sports app is truly a marvelous application for sports enthusiasts – may it be Basketball, Hockey, Football, Soccer, Golf or any sport, just name it! This app provides you live score, summaries, and news related to all the major sports leagues and both college as well as pro basketball. The app doesn’t only provide live updates but it also boasts a couple of other features that make it unique and ideal. The app was developed by OneLouder and was originally named SportCaster. For some time, the app continued as SportCaster but the company decided to revamp the application. Soon thereafter the name was changed to CBS Sports and tons of features were introduced. The application allows smooth navigation between sports updates and news. CBS Sports utilizes minimal amounts of “WebView” to maintain top-notch performance. Upon launching, the app prompts you to add your favorite teams and sports. The app then provides latest news, score cards, and live updates of your favorite league, team, and sports. The added information can be viewed and edited by a single swipe from the right. This also allows you to stay updated about a multitude of scores and statistics. The updates can be general or specific, and you can filter them anytime you want. Updates are regular and swift, with very little or no latency.




  • The app also provides tons of unique features like in-app games to play, which are obviously sports related games
  • The app allows users to set up customized push notifications. It also provides users with live stream of the CBS Sports Radio and daily aired Fantasy Football and Baseball shows.
  • Tweets Update feature notifies you about the recent tweets related to your favorite sport and teams made by the team representatives.
  • The built-in Channel Identifier informs you about the Channels that are airing your favorite sports and matches after selecting your Cable Distributor.


On the whole, the CBS Sports app is a high quality app that outperforms most of the competent sports apps by introducing several unique and practical features that enhance the overall user experience. The application does have minor bugs but OneLouder regularly checks feedback and improves the application through regular updates. Issues related to ads popping up are reported by some users but in the end, it’s a free app that provides tons of useful features, therefore a few ad misplacements can be tolerated.

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