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Banana Kong is a really great game – it’s a game from those old gaming consoles that has been adapted for the latest touch-enabled smartphones. It has a unique sense of gameplay to it.

The gameplay is quite interesting and fun. Helping that funny gorilla save his life a run through the jungle collecting his favorite fruits to eat is quite a great concept that really makes you addicted to itself. The great thing is that you are running from an avalanche of your favorite fruit, the banana, and that’s quite hilarious – a gorilla running from bananas.

Banana Kong 1


  • The game has been developed and provided for download on PlayStore by FDG Entertainment GmbH & Co.KG who are really good at making some great new games. They are spending quite some time on updating the game so that it has a lot more fun filled in it.
  • The game is not so heavy and requires about 45MB of space; most of the smart phones with Android 2.3.3 and higher will support the game quite well.
  • The game is free to download and play, and the user has the option to spend some of the real world cash to buy upgrades for their gorilla.

Banana Kong Experience

  • The game design is quite light and simple. The menus are easy to get through and get you running in no time. The game is a side-scrolling game that’s played with the phone or tablet held horizontally.
  • Banana Kong is about a gorilla that is running to save his life from a might banana avalanche. He has to run through multi-levelled jungle.
  • The controls are quite simple and easy to learn. A single tap to jump, double tap to stay suspended in air for a longer time, and swipe down to move and slide below a ledge or upper level.
  • While running, you will face many obstacles that must be avoided; crashing into even one of them will cause you to be swallowed by the avalanche.
  • You will also get a chance to swing across wines to save yourself from water, lava, or a ditch.
  • You can also ride some amazing animals like Toucans.


The Banana Kong is a great endless running game. It can keep you hooked for hours with its great graphics and funny gameplay. Anyone, no matter what age, will surely enjoy this game. It’s just like those old times when hours were spent on arcade games – and now it’s all on your own phone.

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