How to stop WhatsApp from auto-downloading

Nowadays everyone is using WhatsApp. It is great app but also have some loops. Sometimes you might wonder, what is filling your internal storage? Where all of your mobile data goes in a month?. A reason for this could be that because pictures and other data is being automatically downloaded which is sent to you. Today we will discuss how to prevent these things to happen.

It is just matter of exploring your settings and you will know what the app is doing behind your back. WhatsApp will automatically download pictures, videos and audios if you have ticked some items. Images are ticked by default. It is up to you whether you want media to be auto downloaded or not.


Note: voice messages are always downloaded for better quality reasons.

1. Open the app and press the menu button. Select settings.

2. Select chat settings> media auto download.

3. You can tap on both whether you are using mobile data or WIFI to narrow down what gets auto downloaded.

That was easy, wasn’t it? Hopefully you’ve now learned how you can stop Whatsapp from auto-downloading files. For more Android Tips and Guides on how to effectively use your Android, keep visiting Android Central.

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