How to Replace your Android boot animation in recovery

Boot animation is the first thing to appear on your phone when you turn it on. And these animations are the boring part of your android phone. If you have a Galaxy S5 you will see some bright colors roaming around a Samsung logo. And if you have Nexus 5 you will see some colored circles. You can switch these animations to make turning on your phone a bit exciting. Here is how you can do it.

There is a method which is easy where you simply replace the existing boot animation file with the new one in a root file manager. If you are kind of Modder then this method is even faster. All you need is to find suitable animation you like. We would like you to recommend Motorola animation with monsters and UFOs from April 1st.


After finding the best animation download it to your phone, reboot In to recovery and flash it. Nexus 5 users switch off their device, press and hold power and volume down to get to fastboot and enter recovery using the volume keys to navigate and power button to confirm. In recovery use the same buttons to install zip and locate the boot animation zip you just downloaded and flash it. Then reboot and you will notice the outcome of your improvisation.

If you have got different phone then the procedure will be different off-course. Don’t worry we got it read the instructions below for the procedure :

  1. Download the boot animation zip file from HERE.
  2. Go to “install zip” and press it.
  3. Now press “choose zip from last install folder”.
  4. Now press “”
  5. Press “yes-install”.
  6. You can find more boot animation on the xda developers community.

That’s it you have changed your animation. For more Android Tips and guides keep visiting.

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