Facebook messenger Tips and Tricks

Facebook messenger recently added calling option, can also send short audio notes too. It will give you a feeling of WhatsApp. If you’re regular users of FB Messenger then probably you may not find these tips useful as these are only for beginners only. So let’s move on and learn the basic Facebook messenger tips and tricks.

How to Signout of FB Messenger

After using the FB Messenger for a while you will not find a signout button, however you can only signout by clearing the app data and cache from the Application manager which is available in Settings.

Pin you best friends to your wall

If there is a group of people you talk too, then why not bypass the app launching altogether and pin a group chat shortcut to your home screen? Go to your Groups tabs where you can find and select an existing group and press the menu button. Now select “Create shortcut” to have a group shortcut added to your home screen.


Picture tips

You can definitely take a photo directly from the keyboard in messenger. Just go to camera icon, tap that to turn your keyboard space into a mini viewfinder. You can also switch to both front and back camera to take a quick picture with the vertical send button. Tap the little image icon next to the camera to choose from previous pictures.

Big thumbs up

If you like some statement or any feature you can send big thumbs up. Just press and hold the Like button. If this trick doesn’t work then hit the emoji button at the end of the text entry field, hit your sticker collection or revert to your device’s emoji supported keyboard for a bit more expensive flair.

Send your location

If you want your friends to know where you are you can also send your location. Facebook has added the little location icon to the side of the text entry field. As long as this is blue your friends will be able to see where you are. Hit the overflow menu button at the top right of your screen and tap “View Map”, this will allow you to know your friends location. Isn’t this a great feature if you want to surprise your friend? To see where they were when they sent you a message, just tap the message itself. If you don’t want to share your location, go to your settings and uncheck the location box.

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