Best Android icon packs 2014

Android offers you a lot of options when it comes to modification of your device. Want to use a different camera? Download it from Google play store. Want to add flavor to your icon pack, grab a new icon pack. Today we will be discussing some of the best icon packs. So anyone of you looking to add spice to your android phone should take notice.

Note: most icon packs require a launcher such as Apex, Nova or ADW installed to work. Make sure whatever launcher you are using is compatible with the icon packs you are about to download.

Batman Icon Pack


This icon pack is compatible with Apex and Nova launcher and is free of cost. This icon packs has the caped crusader as its main theme. That means all your icons are going to be getting a little action packed into them. There are no circle square shapes of the icons; they are replaced by the batman logo style.

Outer space icon pack

Outer space icon pack

This app will transform your Smartphone into cheerful cartoony style icons. Main characters of this icon pack include cat with afro and a rabbit. Some apps will be easily recognizable. You might also find some trouble in recognizing your apps. This icon pack is compatible with Apex, Nova, Go launcher, and ADW. It will take just 2 MB of your storage and is free of cost.

Rage comic icon pack

Rage comic icon pack

This might be old one but old is gold. There are a lot of people who are still in love with this app. Your apps will bear the image of troll face, Derpina, FFFUUUUUU, and many more. The quality and strongness of this icon pack may not be great but if you are looking for a good laugh or trying to through a joke on friend then it is a good choice. No doubt about it. This app is compatible with Apex, Nova, Themer, ADW, Aviate, Holo and smart launcher2. Its size is just 1.3 MB and price is only $0.99.

Comic HD Icon pack


This app will transform your icons in to a comic book. With this icon pack you can get a full range of comic bookish styled icons that range from comic style speech bubbles to classic images. There are some general icons and specific icons which you can use for particular apps. To add flavor manufacturers also offers 15 wallpapers to complete the look. This app is compatible with ADW launcher. The size of this app is 11 MB and the price is just $1.50.

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