Want to add Xperia Z2 lock screen to your device?

To be honest, Sony has a different level of customization. It is always in the advanced level as compared to other companies. Speaking of this, you must have seen Sony Xperia Z2’s lock screen. It looks stunning to be precise. You just need to tap the screen. Once you tap the screen, you will see the twinkling sparks that shine. It then unlocks your phone. Don’t you think this is simple yet eye-catching? Let us know!

So, if you want the same to happen on your device, you only need to have a KitKat ROM. That’s it! You can easily achieve this effect in a few steps.

Just decompile your framework2.jar file and add smali resources. Then simply recompile it and copy it to the flashable zip. The process can be completed within minutes and is an extremely simple process. Anyone who has a device running on KitKatcan get this beautiful lock screen.

Let us know if you have tried it.

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