If there is anything which is evolving and a new feature is hitting the market, then it is mobile phones. The handset works like a magic hat which has everything it. Almost every day a new set is introduced by so many brands. And the customers are also extremely pleased. Craze for these gadgets are so much that people have been seen to change their expensive sets within six months of purchasing.

But is there anything perfect? No!

As nothing is perfect, so are these hi tech device which sadly contains the side effects of having poor battery life. Unlike earlier phones which could go on for two to three days, the new smart phones only have battery life for maximum eight hours. Due to this problem, people also carry their chargers along wherever they go. The severity of the problem is so high that it has been addressed at many public forums to come to a solution.

The major problem reason which has lead to short battery life is the continuous usage of mobile internet. But it cant also be stopped as connectivity with the world is the most important thing today and putting the data off for a long time means being disconnected from the outer world which cannot be afforded in the age of 21st century.

So to resolve this issue a new software namely AutoData has come to the rescue of all the busy workers of today.

It automatically turns off the date in your phone when not in use to save the battery life. The data is turned off immediately after the screen is off for ten minutes. The data connection gets off for fifteen minutes while connectivity is restored for one minute so that you can receive notifications from gmail, yahoo, facebook, whatsapp etc. This helps you to stay connected at the same time save your battery life.

Once your screen turns on, your data is back to on mode.

Get hold of AutoData and give your battery some energy drink!

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  1. Sounds like a great app, but if data is turned off, then wouldn’t an individual not be able to receive text messages? Why do I keep hearing the battery life isn’t good for the s5? Is there some kind of smear campaign by Apple because the iPhone 6 will have worst battery life then iPhone 5s ? As usual Apple grossly hypes false battery life stats. My battery lasts two days without charge with average use and I can replace my battery with another, if necessary. Watch how Apple markets, I predict you will hear more blogs about anything but the lackluster iPhone 6 the weak part of Apple, it’s product, sad.

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