Samsung in partnership with Montblanc!

We hope that you have already read our latest news about Samsung’s all new Galaxy Note 4. Are you ready for jaw-dropping news that we have recently eavesdropped? Samsung has partnered with Montblanc. Do you know the reason? It wants this brand to make a stylus for the Galax Note 4.

Samsung doesn’t get tired and is always in an active mode to launch something to startle its users. Montblanc being the high-class brand of writing instruments has taken part in making the best stylus of Samsung. Now Samsung has declared two custom styli for the Galaxy Note series (the smartphones and the tablets). The two styli are named as he e-StarWalker and the Pix. These are coined as the digital writing devices.

Want to know the price of the stylus? Well, you can grab the Pix at $350 and the e-StarWalker at $525.

Hey wait! This is not all. Montblanc has not only promised to make unique stylus for Samsung, but also stepped ahead to make flip covers for Galaxy Note 4! These are priced at $245.

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