Samsung expands to home automation- The S Voice offers all the magic

Samsung has converted its lens to have a bigger and a wider view to offer its users something that will make their jaws drop! Yes, Samsung has declared its very own home automation platform. It was clear when it snatched SmartThings (another home automation firm) for a total of $200 million! Samsung is a geared up to take further plans about this during the IFA 2014.

Another fascinating thing that Samsung has declared is, its Smart Home will be able to synchronize with IP cameras and digital door locks. Once you use the Smart Home along with the compatible home devices, you will be able to do almost anything like turn on the lights with the help of Gear Watch or S Voice and activating a vacuum cleaner! By configuring the geolocation of a person, the Smart Home can also set the temperature of your air conditioner when it finds out that you are close to your home! Well, this is not all. Worried about your electricity bill? The Smart Home offers the expected electricity bill in order to help you save energy consumption.

Samsung has pulled up its socks to provide its users something they have dreamt of. All you have to do now is to wait.

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