Does your KitKatWiFi drop? Here is the fix

Having the Android 4.4 KitKat is like a boon to anyone. The variety of features and active performance has made it to the top list. However, just like the moon has that one black mark on it; the KitKat seems to have to have the same. Besides having a good operating system, the users are not enjoying the WiFi scenario. The incessant WiFi drops have irked the users and worst part is it has not been fixed yet!

The Android Central has taken an initiative to overcome this problem by using a small trick. Usually the OS would be checking the connectivity status of the device.  It starts to reset if it fails to get the connection. Now, this can be fixed with the help of WiFi settings on your Android phone. You may also configure the router to get the connection back to normal.

We are waiting for the official fix and hope that the upcoming Android L will do the magic.

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