Just Swipe is an addictive game

Games are a great way to freshen up your mind. Feeling bored? Just take out that smartphone and put all your brain and fingers on the screen! They are not only addictive, but also consume a chunk of time. The market has supplied us with games like Temple Run, flappy birds, etc. These games have become a must for every smartphone user.
Speaking of this, let’s get introduced to a classic game called Just Swipe. Beware! You may fall in love with it. Now, this game is separates the screen into two parts or sections. On the top you will find a command area that will provide instructions and there will be an input area where you need to swipe in order to enter the input. You would be getting directional commands at the top (like up, left, down and right) and corresponding to this you need to swipe left, right, down or up to match! Sounds simple isn’t it?
You will be welcomed with pleasing soundtrack, cool animations and a leaderboard support so that you can challenge your friends too!
This is definitely a fun game that keeps you busy when you feel bored. Try it and you would love it!

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