Gone are the days when a phone merely meant calling somebody or maximum messaging. Today when you think of a phone, there are unlimited features and rather it can be said that a mobile phone today holds more valuable assets than your carrying bag. It is a one stop shop for all the things that can pass a human head.

Be it music, videos, pictures, data for office, important presentation or valuable information, mobile has it all. But there is a risk as those data are not physical so you can’t lock them up. There is always a chance that anyone can get to your stuff without even your knowledge. And the worst is if you lose your phone. So is there something in your phone that you wish to keep it away from your friends or family and kids? Any photos that you do not wish to share and at the same time do not want to get into embarrassing others by stopping them from touching your phone?

For all the worry there is a solution with an application developed by 1tek called droid. With this app you can lock anything you deem fit. Be it photo or video or any data. There are three ways of locking it. One is pin code, second is calculator unlock and the third being creative pattern unlock. Once you lock the media, it will be invisible from the phone and no one will be able to access except you when you go to droid application.

Another wonderful feature is that it does not cause suspicion as it will not deny access to unauthorized user but will present them a fake crash dialogue. This will help you play safe and be the good guy.

Droid protector can be downloaded from play store or droid protector application thread. It is compatible with android version 2.3 or above. Although android L does not support this app but efforts are being made to address this issue at the earliest.

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