Samsung recently announced the launch of its new series galaxy note 4 and galaxy note edge.

Both the devices are on hold to hit the market later this fall but the question is whether this new device will stand up to the expectations of its audience and critics.

Analysts believe that both the new sets will not be able to set a new milestone for the company with respect to sales in its number of units. A Hyundai securities expects Samsung to ship 11 million units of galaxy note 4 and a merely 1 million unit of galaxy note edge. It is expected that the new sets will not be able to cross the number of units sold of galaxy note 3 which was released last year.

The analysts believe that the complicated manufacturing process of galaxy note 4 will be a prime reason leading to less number of sales whereas the heavy weight of the note edge owing to its wraparound display will act to its disadvantage.

Not only the above analysts, others too believe the same and feelsthat the new techs will not outshine its predecessor.

Ultimately the actual figure of the number of units sold will only be out once the product hits the market and the chord of its lover’s heart!

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