A call to send a free text message? That’s called the Ringtext!

You are travelling abroad and want to call your near ones that you have safely landed. Oops! Here comes the whopping call charge that deters you to talk to your family members for a long time. In such case you would definitely look for hotspots to get connected to the internet. Even a simple SMS can lower the account balance of yours. Now, it is natural to depend on the internet or hotspots. But, is it always possible to get connected to hotspots? The answer is no.

Here is a simple solution to such a big problem. How about using ring tones to send predefined messages? Sounds interesting and cool, isn’t it? This is not only free of charge but also fast! Ringtext uses phone calls or XMPP protocol to send free messages. Whoever the recipient is, he/she would get a message along with a call. The best part is you can add up to 100 messages! No matter what the situation, these 100 messages should be sufficient enough to help you in your needs!

Whether it is the kids, teens or the adults, if you are out of mobile data, then Ringtext is what you need! Steer clear of all the roaming charges now!

Download the Ringtext now and save those pennies! Tell us what you feel about this app. We would love to hear from you!

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