What’s the buzz about MacroDroid update?

Want your device automation to go to the next level? Well, here comes the MacroDroid. It is an application that uses different device sensors to find out variables like speed, location and other stuffs.

You must have heard or used some renowned applications like Llama, MacroDroid and Tasker. Sadly, these were not available for the new stock of Android wear smartwatch devices. But, thankfully here comes the new update that brings several new features.

  • Get off with those dim lights. You can now adjust the brightness as per your will.
  • Want a different pattern of vibration mode? It is possible now on the wear device.
  • You can easily open a particular activity on the Android wear device.
  • Creating notification on the Android wear device is a matter of swipe. Up to 4 customizable actions can be created!

The popular devices like Samsung Gear Live, LG G Watch and the all new Motorola Moto 360 (which you have always yearned for!) will gain from this massive update. Does your wrist have a story? Does it love embracing itself with Android Wear Watches? Don’t forget to MacDroid your Android! Get more updates at the official blog.

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